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last time i updated, i promised nudity, stupid pranks and dangerous stunts... this time, i'm adding fire! no, not really, instead, i'm hoping you'll tune in this coming wednesday and join our virtual radio bbq in celebration of BVST's 10th birthday! we're calling it The BVST 10th Anniversary Wednesday Night BBQ Invitational, and you're invited. the fun starts at at 4pm with Simon and Sucker Blues, Rebecca and Canucks Kick It at 5pm, Nassim keeping it ugly at 6pm on BMFUC, and of course Johnny Suck rounding it out with Turn Down The Suck at 9pm, as well as special guests from across CJLO's lineup and history, all set to the sizzling sound of a backyard BBQ. don't miss the super special surprise at 7 o'clock! it all starts tomorrow, july 6th, at 4pm!

nudity, stupid pranks and dangerous stunts... it's just another episode of BVST! no, just kidding. tune in this coming wednesday, october 6th from 7 to 9 pm ET for a very special episode dedicated entirely to Jackass 3D, which opens nationwide on october 15th. did i mention that i interviewed my favourite Jackass, Johnny Knoxville, and will be airing that interview next week as well? we talked about his penis! call in and share some of your best Jackass stories and you could win a Jackass Survival Kit and passes to the advanced screening in montréal on October 14th. i'll be joined by special guest host alex robot of charts & crafts. it'll be epic, so don't miss it!

well, if i'm updating here, you know it's a momentous occasion. send yr gramma outta the room, tonight BVST is debuting patton oswalt's latest comedy album my weakness is strong. listen to it tonight, buy it on dvd when it drops next tuesday. who loves ya?

an update? sure, it's been six months, why not? if you missed out on cjlo's music marathon... well, tough luck. it was a fucking blast, and a huge success. to commemorate the event, we released the first ever print edition of the cjlo magazine, which you can download and print out yourself right here: hopefully this will be the first of many, so keep yr eyes out. things are shiftin' and changin' in cjlo-land, but the one thing that remains constant and unwavering is BVST. see you tonight!

october has been a hell of a month... some good, some bad, but either way, i'm glad it's done. the highlight? cmj 2008 was a ton of fun, as usual. i caught some great panels, especially a couple on the future of metal, and college day was a great chance to get together with the kids. i asked a question to a panel about digital servicing to college radio - you can read about it here. my question hinged on the ridiculous notion that many record companies expect people to value cds, and pay big money for them, when they themselves don't consider them to be worth manufacturing or distributing. i didn't feel like arguing with the panel members, but while yes, there IS more information available online than in liner notes, the quality and context of that information tends to be very different, and ultimately less useful, especially for djs. further to that, people ARE buying records, just not the shit that many labels keep churning out hoping for lighting in a bottle. people that care about music do spend money on it, but in different ways. the fact that labels are mostly looking at cutting overhead (stamps, envelopes, jewel cases, etc.) instead of doing the work to appeal to tastemakers who influence those people is further proof that their time is over. alright, end rant. now back to your regularly scheduled programming.

well now. no update in six months, huh? to be quite honest, there hasn't been that much to report... until now. after 7 years and 9 months at CJLO, we are finally on the actual montréal airwaves at 1690 am. this is it, a whole new era for CJLO, and for BVST, and quite frankly, i'm super fuckin' excited. for those of you who have been tuning in faithfully in the past, thank you. for those of you that are new to the whole affair, welcome. so this coming wednesday night, tune in via internet or via radio, your choice... and if you're outside the city, don't fret - CJLO has a wide reach.

the last of the signed by force live sessions goes down tonight, with montreal's own mighty bionic. trust me, you do not want to let this opportunity pass you by. tune in tonight, same time, same place and don't miss next week, when ram from signed by force comes in for the wrap up.

well, if you missed starvin hungry live on BVST last night, you missed a treat... lucky for you they'll be at club lambi on march 8th, and touring canada with BVST favorite c'mon shortly... additionally, once signed by force february winds to a close, you'll be able to listen to the full episodes with each band right here, so be patient. of course, there are still two weeks to go, with bionic in here next week and ram from signed by force the week after that...

well alright, it all goes down tonight. trigger effect live on BVST from 7 to 9... i'm psyched, it's gonna be fun. let's just hope the station's still standing once they've blow through...

the BVST website was down for several days, so i wasn't able to tell you all the things i needed to tell you about signed by force february, but now that that's been resolved, i'm here to give you the dirty. if you missed last night's show, don't stress - ram from signed by force was supposed to be in last night to talk rock'n'roll, but instead he'll be joining BVST on march 3rd to cap off this month's insanity. the madness officially begins when trigger effect tears us a new one next wednesday, february 13th. the week after that, starvin' hungry take over the airwaves on the 20th, and the inimitable bionic school us all on the 27th. tune in early to catch live performances by each band, and stay 'til the end as each band takes over my show and does rock'n'roll radio their way... we have a brand spankin' new radio ad for this event, which you can listen to here!

proof that good things DO happen to bad people... HUGE announcement on BVST tonight - don't miss it!

i'm feelin' a bit of rock'n'roll pride tonight knowing that the number 1 and 2 spots on the CJLO chart for this week are occupied by the mongrels' 'oshawa' and c'mon's 'bottled lighting (of an all time high)' respectively. just wanted to drop by and say that... 'til tomorrow night!

hmm... oh-eight isn't necessarily starting off on the best foot, BVST-wise... the top 10s of 2007 went up on the cjlo site on boxing day, by which time i was celebrating snowlessness south of the 49. of course, i had no idea, since they don't have internet in the wilds of the 'merica... and since plans often change, i decided to stay down there a little longer than expected, which is why there was no live BVST last night as promised. no matter tho'. let's just pick up where we left off, shall we? above, witness the grandeur of the brand new BVST player, where you can sample my selections for the best of 2007... as for the hows and the whys, you'll have to read up on the details right here on the cjlo website... my section is toward the end of the article, so be sure to sample some of the year's best according to my fellow cjloxicans along the way... BVST year SEVEN returns on january 9th, same time, same place (for real, this time)!

tune in tonight for the big reveal: the BVST 10 top of 2007 special will be underway shortly, but if you miss it, i'll give you a second chance. it will reair next week, december 26th, same time, same place, so no excuses... BVST returns live on january 3rd for YEAR SEVEN. unbelievable. i feel old. good thing you kids keep me feeling young... happy holidays. take care of each other, and keep warm.

pssst...! hey! yeah, you! hey, kid, do you like to get fucked up? like, really fucked up? 'cause i've got some really good shit. really good. but you can only get it on cjlo... all this week, we'll be broadcasting an exclusive MADE AT CJLO version of fucked up's amazing art-rock/hardcore epic "year of the pig". i'll be airing it on the show this wednesday but if you wanna hear it again and again, you'll want to catch some of the other shows that will be playing this incredible exclusive. info on times and dates is available here.

here are three things you need to know... one: on this wednesday's show, a very special guest will be gracing us with his presence and musical picks - mathieu, from the most excellent mi amore will be in the studio, and it promises to be fun fun fun. two: we will be talking about the upcoming planes mistaken for stars / mi amore show (november 22nd at lambi), which you should attend, because it'll be your last chance to see pmfs before you die. three: if you're on facebook, you need to read this article i wrote about why facebook is evil, and/or pass it along to all your facebook using friends. alright? okay!

remember album spotlights on BVST? so do i. welcome to album spotlights v.2.0! BVST is honored to premiere "hear it before you buy it...on BVST", a new segment about... hearing it before you can buy it. tune in to this week's show as we start this shit off with a bang with high on fire's new album 'death is this communion' (in stores September 18th!). this is first chance to hear the album in its entirety, and the fun starts promptly at 7, so set yr watch 'cause "it's gonna be a doozy!"...

turn down the BVST? uh, more like turn it up! tune in to cjlo this thursday night from 7 to 8 pm as i take over turn down the suck! johnny suck is feeling a little under the weather, so this is my chance to fill his shoes (and what big shoes they are...). i promise to do us both justice... also, thanks to all you kids who came out to cjlo's various weekend festivities. i hope you had as much fun as i did...

hot time for an update... feels like a year has passed since my long awaited victory (see below), and now's as good a time as any to let you know what's happening in BVST land. first order of business is the weekend of debauchery planned by your friends over at CJLO... the fun starts on thursday night (august 16th) at the academy club, and doesn't stop until after the official CJLO BBQ / press conference at loyola campus on monday afternoon (august 20th). all the details are at, but your presence is especially requested on friday night at sala rossa, where CJLO supergroup and BVST sympathizers super/heater make magic happen alongside some of the rising stars of balls-out indie rock. check out the flyer here and hit me up if you're looking for a hookup... i might be able to help you out. that's all for now - i gotta rest up for the rest of the week...

BVST IS THE DEFENDER OF ROCK! while you knew that all along, the good folks at cjlo have gone and made it official by awarding the 'defender of rock' award to your favorite cjlo show, that is, this one. i was doubly touched because i also took home an honorary diego™ for my work in promotion and design, a.k.a. the 'vincent van gogh' award. it feels pretty good, kids... in any case, while i promised that i would retire once my status as defender of rock was recognized, well... i'm not gonna. yr gonna be stuck with me for a whole 'nother season, so quit yer bitchin' and tune in this coming wednesday night for more of the best and worst in rock'n'roll, country, punk and metal!

do not miss tomorrow's show. you've been warned... tune in tomorrow night to hear the long awaited maximum rnr / the spades split special right here on BVST! you'll hear cjlo exclusive sessions with both bands (including previously unreleased tracks), as well as my interview with keith c. from maximum rnr, BVST guest correspondent losingmyalex take on the spades' denvis wankalot, and news, reviews and more blistering rock'n'roll from these two fine bands. the fun starts at 7, don't be late!

come drink with me and the whole cjlo crew at katacombes tonight (1222 st. laurent)... i'm gonna be spinning metal and hardcore starting at 9pm, so be prompt! other details on the flyer, available for your viewing pleasure right here.

finally! full episodes of BVST are available for download in the archive section... only two classic episodes available now, with more to come, so stay tuned! also, go check out my top ten metal records of 2006 in the text section - i'm an updating machine!

happy new year, kids! BVST has been back in the womb-like comfort of the cjlo dj booth for the past two weeks... that's the good news. the bad news is that BVST will not be coming to you live tomorrow night... instead, you'll be able to enjoy a repeat episode... or (more good news!) you can come down to reggie's and see me do my thing live at cjlo's rock nite! get your face rocked and your ass kicked by myself, the k-man, zombieboy and johnny suck from 7 to closing. check out the flyer here and come on by and grab a beer. of course, BVST returns live next wednesday, january 24th, so don't miss it - i'll be weighing in on the jerk appeal, bionic and priestess secret show for all the lazies who missed it...

BVST is on hiatus for the next couple of weeks, returning live on january 3rd, two thousand fuckin' seven. year... six of BVST on cjlo? holy shit. thanks for making this such an awesome year, and go check out my top ten metal records of 2006 right here, along with those of my cjlo bretheren... see you in the new year!

see, i told you i was no good at updating... the official BVST website has a new home, free of advertising with a brand new bunch of things for you to check out... head on over to the links section and lend these folks an ear, i promise it'll be worth your while... nothing new to report over here right now, but be sure to tune in tomorrow evening in case i change my mind...

man, i am so not good with updating... other things i'm not good at: keeping up with my correspondence, submitting non-essential extra-curricular assignments, and mathematizing. things i'm better at than i think: interviews, including the one with chris from lamb of god that i aired on last wednesday's show. missed it? you suck. have no fear, i'm looking at making it available for download shortly. in other amazing news: your friends and mine maximum rnr and their good friends the spades from holland came in to the 'jlo to do a live session! it was amazing, and i have some cjlo exclusives to share with you in the near future... i'll keep you posted, i promise.

you best be tunin' in tomorrow, son, 'cause i'm gonna air my embarassing interview with chris adler from lamb of god... you know you wanna hear the whole hilarious backstory so don't be late. oh, and of course, all the shit hot rock you're used to hearing. a demain, fuckers.

holy update, batman! scrolling down ten lines will make it painfully clear that this site hasn't been updated in about a year... sue me. the only thing that is being updated with regularity is the sultry sound of BVST, which is still comin' to you faithfully each week from the hallowed halls of now all the best and worst of rock'n'roll, country punk and metal is can be found every wednesday from 7 to 9 pm. what else is new? what isn't? watch this space... comin' soon: an interview with chris adler from lamb of god. damn straight. details to be revealed imminently...

the BVST best of 2005 begins in earnest today. over the next two weeks i'll be giving you the lowdown on my ten favorite records of the year, and you'll be hearing highlights from a year's worth of shows... don't miss it!

hi boys and girls! i'm still gettin' used to my new day job, and as a result, BVST is still in transition. what does that mean for you? well, as has been happening for the past few weeks, the show is starting live a little later than usual, so you may catch anywhere from 15 to 30 minutes of a classic (that is, old) episode before i jump in. i have some tricks up my sleeve for december, so sit tight for now. on tonight's show: more proof that rock'n'roll ain't dead, and is in fact hiding out with its pregnant teenage girlfriend somewhere in the wilds of cana-duh.

"we've got the pussy, baby, you've got the time...": this coming thursday it's pussy time on BVST as we take on the mighty nashville pussy. two hours of new and classic tracks, gossip, reviews, and history... plus ride along as i interview lead singer blaine cartwright. we shoot the shit about cbgb's, the rolling stones, pot, booze and women and why montréal is the greatest city in the world (hint: it has to do with the last three), as well a bunch of other stuff i can't remember right now. it's gonna be fun, so tune in, sucka.

records you need now: in the heat of the moment by c'mon, horns up by maximum rnr and get some! by nashville pussy. speaking of which, i'm gonna get some one-on-one pussy time tomorrow night when i interview the band before they show off their new lineup and record at cafe campus. hometown help will be provided by the mighty bionic, so you know you don't wanna miss this. buy me a beer and come find me in the front row.

i'm so excited about tonight's show, i just had to tell you all about it in advance... on tonight's show: BRAND NEW C'MON. as if that wasn't good enough, i've also got some brand new nashville pussy, and as if THAT wasn't enough, some brand new goat horn. who loves ya baby?

ridin' on a greyhound, countin' those white lines / destination i don't know and i'm feelin' like i'm dyin'... i'm home sweet home and i can't wait to share some of my rock'n'roll odyssey. tune in this coming thursday as BVST returns live with new music, old favorites, and... me. you missed me, right?

i'm in raleigh, nc and i need to keep this short... pretaped episodes of BVST coming up over the next few weeks: 7@7 special this coming thursday, the southern rock special on september 1st and more balls to the wall rock on the 8th. hope to keep this up to date, but i'm having too much fun to geek it up on here!

my pretty face is going to hell... hellfest that is! almost 200 hundred metal and hardcore bands (oh, and public enemy!) will be raining destruction upon the gentle hamlet of trenton, nj from august 19th to the 21st... and lucky me, i'll be there to witness it all. tune in over the next three weeks for all the dirty details as BVST brings you all the hellfest news and previews you need.

also, hellfest is gonna kick off my five week trek through the southern states. virginia, georgia, alabama, mississippi, louisiana, texas and tennessee, hold on to yer hats, 'cause i'm comin' for you! i'll be ending my trip with cmj week in nyc, so the month is bound to be wall to wall rock'n'roll. stay tuned for pretaped shows on august 18th and 25th, and september 1st, 8th and 15th. i'll be comin' back live to BVST on september 22nd, no doubt armed with fresh new dirty stories and even dirtier rock'n'roll to share...

this week, BVST is being brought to you by the awesomely asian, gruesomely gory fantasia film festival. what does this mean for you, faithful listener? free tickets, of course! tune in tomorrow night, phone in and correctly identify the first song of the night when prompted, and win a pair of passes good for any one of the festival films. all this, and oh yeah, some rock'n'roll, too.

i'm baaaaack... nxne was a blast! no sleep, much beer, much bbq, much rock'n'roll... it was awesome seeing some of my favorites rock their home town. much love to the boys from maximum rnr for makin' me feel at home, and to c'mon for rockin' my socks off once again. also, less is more: go check out the brand new streamlined about section.

aloha from sweaty toronto! free hostel internet is making it possible for me to let you know that this week's episode of BVST is a repeat of last week's show (sorry). and no, i'm not slacking off... i'm gonna be pimpin' the 'jlo all around town for nxne and soakin' in some sunlight, free booze and bbq, and, of course, rock'n'roll... tune in next week for a recap. and as always, be excellent to each other and party on, dudes!

good news, i'm in indie rock hell. that's right. check out my profile on myspace right here. there's a blog, too. what's next? crying emo tears while listening to mixtapes? oops.

in better news, BVST won an award! cjlo's first annual end of year gala & award ceremony went down in a haze of free booze and unbridled sexual tension. i took home the diego award in the bar of soap category, which despite the name has less to do with prison love and everything to do with me being "the most cleaned up act" at cjlo. i celebrated by overindulging in various mind altering substances, unleashing a torrent of curse words during my acceptance speech, and other bad behaviours which will go unmentioned (until the photographs come back from the printer). thanks to all the kids that made this happen, and here's to a fifth year of (freshly scrubbed) filth on cjlo!

i'm back, miraculously in one piece, after having my brain blistered at the new england metal and hardcore fest. what does this mean for you? well, tune in this coming thursday for the breakdown... and a review of mötley crüe, which will be happening in (oh shit) fifteen minutes from right now (gotta go). one last thing: while last week's totally unprepared all-vinyl, all-amateur episode of BVST did have some charm, it won't be happening again any time soon, i promise...

well, kids, the queens of the stone age listening party went off without a hitch. lucky me, i was the only dj bringin' the rock for the evening's festivities and was happy with the turnout and the crowd's reception. i played a way shorter set than i had originally intended, but that's okay, 'cause we got to listen to lullabies to paralyze twice, and give away a bunch of stuff. as usual, i'll be replaying my set this coming thursday on the show for those of you who missed it. in other news: hit the text section for my, uh, grouchy review of poxy with priestess and paradise...

more live news! will be hosting the official montréal listening party for lullabies to paralyze, the new record from queens of the stone age which hits stores on march 22nd. hear it first on friday march 18th from 8 to 11 pm at green room (5386 st-laurent, between st-viateur and fairmount). i, along with one or two other cjlo djs, will be providing the soundtrack until 10 pm, at which point we will cue the new record and give away goodies including cds and a pair of tickets to the show. see me spin live, and stick around for some drinks and good times with the rest of the cjlo crew. best of all, this won't cost you a dime!

do you like to watch? two hours a week of aural entertainment BVST style isn't enough for you? then drop by le swimming (3643 st. laurent) tomorrow night (tuesday, march 1st for the calendar-impaired) for's monthly upstairs is underground night. this month we're bringin' the BALLS OUT ROCK, and you can see me wreak havoc behind the wheels of steel live and in the flesh between 10 and 11 pm. beer is cheap and the show is free, so there's no excuse not to come and rock your ass.

head on over to the text section for a review of last week's snowstorm vol. I cd launch featuring squalor, pete möss, floating widget, medusa head trip and absolu. p.s. this week's show marks the two month countdown to mötley crüe's arrival in montreal. an all crüe edition you say? naw, dude, i don't wanna get fired...

unable to tune in last week? rest assured, the problem has been fixed. i'll be rebroadcasting that episode at some point in the future; details of where and when will posted right here. be sure to tune in this coming thursday for new music from high on fire and cursed, and, as promised, iron maiden's 'rime of the ancient mariner' in it's full-length uncut glory... also, take another gander at the about section for updated content.

next week on BVST: the 8 track special! no, sadly i won't be playing any actual 8 tracks... but i will be testing my theory that, well, the 8th track is usually the best track of any given album. disagree? lemme know at ah, fuck it. it's just an excuse to listen to a lot of ac/dc, sabbath and maiden. so there.

maximum rnr played a killer show last night, opening for electric frankenstein at foufounes électriques. more details in the text section. also, check out the newly revamped magazine section at its brand new home ( for all the latest news and reviews. and, i'm happy to report that the 'net is up and running at the cjlo studios... finally i can surf porn from the comfort of the booth once again!

breaking news! BVST is moving time slots once again, but this time it's final, i promise. mark yr calendars, 'cause from now on all the rock you need will be on every thursday from 6 to 8 pm. also, be sure to check out the brand new text section of the site, where you'll find articles and reviews by yours truly.

12.31.04 if you needed another reason to drink. happy new year, everyone! be sure to check out the BVST top 10 of 2004 in the magazine section of, and while you're there, take a gander at some of the entries posted by my fellow djs. have a drink on me, boys and girls. see you in the new year.

hey kids. technical difficulties at the cjlo studios (rot in hell, iits, you bloodsucking scumbags) mean that BVST will not be airing tonight. this, like most of our technical difficulties, has nothing to do with us, and everything to do with our unreliable, inconsiderate, and downright negligent internet provider. hopefully things will be back up and running soon. cross yr fingers for us.

merry xmas, boys and girls! last last minute shopping? here's the official BVST gift guide: c'mon - midnight is the answer, the drive by truckers - the dirty south, and zeke - 'til the livin' end. or are those my three favorite records of 2004? one and the same, my friend, one and the same. oh yeah, and be sure to check out the cjlo website for more "best of 2004"s, compiled by our loyal staff. now go help uncle angus outta that chair, and for god's sake lay off that eggnog.

i've been too long, i'm glad to be back... well, maybe. after milan, i went back to london for a week, just long enough to not go to see motörhead. ah, well. i did get to hang out with the (international) noise conspiracy, so the trip wasn't a total wash... who am i kidding? london was a gas, and i can't wait to go back. tune in this coming wednesday night as BVST returns live. i have lots of stories to tell, and, as usual, all the rock'n'roll you need.

more drinking and bad behaviour... on the continent this time. i'm in milan, getting back to my roots. actually, i've been watching a lot of mtv europe, doing some shopping, and eating real food for a change. hope you enjoyed last wednesday's pretaped episode... BVST: the hair metal spectacular! well, really, i just hope you heard it. ah well. two more pretaped episodes and i'll be back live. also, be sure to keep an eye on the events page for more of my updates from across the pond.

greetings from sunny london! well, not really. it's really grey here all the time... and we're living a noctural existence, all dirty rock bars and 3 am stops for fish and chips, so i haven't seen much of the sun in the past few days. london is surreal, and i have plenty of stories to share when i come back. hope you enjoyed the first pretaped episode of BVST, the all covers edition. next week it'll be back to regularly scheduled programming... still pretaped, of course. now back to the very serious business of drinking...

happy hallowe'en! sooo... the marathon pretaping session that i had planned for yesterday didn't go off exactly as planned (no surprise there). an in-house performance by controller controller meant that i was only able to prerecord three of the five shows, which is just as well, because i ran out of jack daniel's by hour five yesterday. in any case, i will be going in on tuesday to finish off the other two-fifths. oh yeah, and to finish taping my shows.

camper van beethoven interview update: the interview went off without a hitch. i spoke with david lowery for a very long time, and i was even allowed to record the soundcheck. i will be editing and airing the interview as part of a special once i return to montreal, so stay posted for more info. seeing cvb live was amazing; they put on an incredible show. however, all their gear was stolen later on that night. if you have any info, get in touch with the band at gear [at] campervanbeethoven [dot] com. there is a 1000$ usd reward.
also: i've begun working on the pretaped shows that will be airing while i'm out of town. tune in on november 3rd for the annual all-covers edition, and december 1st will feature the best of BVST, where i will be playing some of my favorite music from the year gone by. here's your chance to hear what you've been missing...

i'm gonna be interviewing seminal 80s indie rockers camper van beethoven before their show tomorrow night. tune in this wednesday for a review of the show, and watch this space for details about when the interview will be aired.

i'll be taking a mini-hiatus through the month of november. barring any technical difficulties, you'll still be hearing new shows, however they will not be live. the shows airing on november 3, 10, 17, 24 and on december 1 will all be prerecorded. if you tune in and do not hear an episode of BVST, please email me at, and cc a copy to, so we can figure out what went wrong.

a new name, a new format, a new night... and a new website. everything's changing over at, and i figured i'd make some changes right along with it. welcome to BVST the website.